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November 27th, 2011

What is your computer wallpaper right now?

Hetalia. Finland and Sweden celebrating christmas.

November 16th, 2011

Today, Congress holds hearings on the first American Internet censorship system. This bill can pass. If it does the Internet and free speech will never be the same. [Learn more here.] Do you support this bill?

No. I don't support this because it will block many websites that I use on a daily bases. It is also a vilation of my first amendments rights. This bill was created for parents to say no to their kids without their kids being able to blame them. This really is just a stupid bill. I demand internet freedom.

October 19th, 2011

Writer's Block: Chatty Cathy

roleplay, hetalia, china
Who do you talk to the most?

I talk to one of my high school firends all the time still. I also talk with one of my softball friends and her group as well. I talk to those people all the time. They make me feel better about myself and I don't hurt as much.

August 27th, 2011

United Quest Team

roleplay, hetalia, china
So this is something that I had to write for one of my classes right now. Tell me what do you as an audience think..


Name: United Quest Team

Goals: To do projects once every two months that will better our community.
Info: United Quest Team will be a non-profit group. All members that are involved in the group will get points for every project that we do. Our projects will be community service based and outreach things as well. We will be doing a lot of work.

Members’ duties: Members will be required attend 2 meetings out of 4 meetings a month. They will also be required to attend 3 events (community service projects) a semester and keep a GPA of at least 2.5 in order to be in the club. Those who are below a 2.5 will be asked to leave until they can prove that their grades are going up. Members will also be required to help at other events put on by the school, one example in the blood drive. This will show that we care for our community.

Activities: There will be a lot of activities based throughout the year. Each semester will have 5 community service projects and one collection donation table thing set up during school lunches. We will work with local food drives and groups of such throughout the year.

Awards: Awards will be given at the end of every school year. The first place will get a poster and a shirt. Second and third will receive either a shirt or a poster, not both. Board members are not allowed to participate in the awards race.

August 21st, 2011


roleplay, hetalia, china
Okay so I'm throughing this out there if you all are interested. I have a deviantart account and some of the stuff that i will be posting will most likely be from there right now. I love to write but I don't really have much time right now. Sorry.

August 19th, 2011

Which television show continues to get worse every season and should just get cancelled already?
Probably Jersey Shore or Beyblade. Both are getting really repetative and unimportant. Yugioh is getting the same way sadly.

August 15th, 2011

Taken from my sibiling...

• [x] You are loud.
• [x] You like going to school to see your friends.
• [x] You’ve had more than a couple detentions.
• [x] You always have something to do on the weekends.
• [] You like to be the center of attention.
• [x] You get above average grades in school.
• [] You’ve been called bossy before.
• [] You’re a bit of a daredevil / you like an adrenaline rush.
• [x] You are athletic.
• [] You are one of the best players on your team.
• [x] You would do anything for your loved ones.
• [] You like the color red.
• [] Your favorite class is Transfiguration or DADA.
• [x] You would never break a promise.

• [x] You have many acquaintances, but only a handful of good friends.
• [] You get average grades in school.
• [] You’ve been called boring before.
• [x] You don’t like to brag about your achievements.
• [x] You value honesty.
• [x] You don’t mind working hard to get what you want.
• [] You like the color yellow.
• [x] You have a job.
• [x] You are athletic.
• [x] You are a team player.
• [x] You are in the middle of the social totem pole.
• [x] You are easily amused.
• [x] You like helping others.
• [x] Your favorite class is Herbology or Divination.
• [x] You like the music played on the radio best.

• [x] You get good grades in school.
• [x] You like to read.
• [x] Dumb people annoy you.
• [x] You are creative.
• [x] You’ve been called a know-it-all before.
• [x] You hate cheating.
• [x] People often want you to help them with homework or projects.
• [x] You are more into the creative arts: theatre, dancing, drawing, etc.
• [x] You are extremely logical in your way of thinking.
• [x] You are considered shy or quiet by people you don’t know.
• [] You like the color blue.
• [x] Your favorite class is A History of Magic, Charms, or Care of Magical Creatures.
• [x] You tend to over analyze things.
• [x] You can focus and pay attention well.

• [x] You are very competitive.
• [] You like the finer things in life.
• [x] You think welfare is a waste. (It is... people need to get a job!!!)
• [] You’ve made fun of someone in the past week.
• [] You’ve been called a snob before.
• [] You think the end justifies the means.
• [x] You’re not afraid to say something to someone else’s face.
• [] You tend to think people are a bit jealous of you.
• [x] You’ve made someone cry by just saying something to them.
• [/] You tend to root for the villains in movies, books, etc. (Do renissance evil knights count because i don't like the good guy?)
• [] You are very good with words.
• [x] Above all, you want to be successful in life.
• [] You like the color green.
• [] You love to win.
• [x] Your favorite class is Potions or DADA.
TOTAL: 6 1/2

August 14th, 2011

Do you have a best friend? How old is your friendship?

yes i do. i actually have two. the first one has been my friend for 14 years. my other friend has been one of my best friends for three years.

May 21st, 2011

Many Ways, One True Answer

            The story The Sinner by Shalom Asch is a short story with many interpretations. It can be compare to the parables told to us thru the Bible (also known as the Torah), or one of good versus evil, or truths versus lies, or that we are to afraid to admit that as humans we are flawed, or that everything we do is predetermined by God’s will and the is no such as free will. With such interpretations and it being hard to define what God’s will really is it can hard to determine exactly what the writer’s morale of the story is. The truth is The Sinner was written when Asch himself was not liked among his readers and fellow writers in the Yiddish community and around the world. This fact is helped as to how we are able to understand his works and how they all work together, also as to how the strife within himself is understood during this time period. Thus, people would think that Asch’s later works would then be secluded and lost in just words alone type stories, however, the writer’s morale, at this point in his life, is one that is open-ended to where it makes people of every religion and race think about what the meaning of The Sinner is. The two meanings focused on, in The Sinner by Shalom Asch, are that it seems to be that of God’s will against a person’s free will and how each person is flawed to the point where no matter what happens we have to socially accept that fact.

            People never pay attention or respect a religion that is significant to them, thus they underestimate the work that God has been said to have done. The story, The Sinner, proves that fact quite well by saying, “It is written ‘A man never so much as moves his finger, but it has been so decreed from above,’ and whatsoever a man does, he fulfils God’s will…” Asch even states that doings of an evil person or act is God’s will and part of God’s great plan. Given this theory, the good works of Martin Luther King Jr. were predetermined by God’s will as were the evil works of Adolph Hitler. This leads too many questions as to who is in charge of the world; God or the one’s that thinks of a different fate for the loving planet. The story is an example of this theory by using the parable teachings that are commonly found in the Jewish religion to help teach Jewish kids the meaning of right and wrong.

            Asch uses the example of how a man who follows the word of God, is doing God’s will and has a greater chance of getting in to heaven then that of a man who does not. Asch goes on to explain that Reb was a free thinking person in his childhood and would not always do the will of God. Reb soon realizes the entire world is part of God’s world and that every move and thought is that of God’s. Once Reb is awakened to this thought, Reb begins his religious journey into doing God’s will rather then his own. The reason why Asch did this is because he wanted to show “…profound insight into human character...” (Bookrags), and gives a deep understanding of one’s nature as a person.

            Also, Asch displays that God’s will can never be controlled. At one point in The Sinner the head teacher, Rebbe, says to Reb that he want to be placed on a pedestal and be able to judge people at the time of their death. Reb tells Rebbe no because God is the only one who can judge you for your death and where you will go in the afterlife. This fact alone proves that God controls your destiny as to where you end up in the afterlife, heaven or hell. So no matter how hard a person may fight God’s predetermined plan for them God will always win in a strange way.

            Asch’s works are a testament to his belief in Kiddush haShem. The belief as describe by Brodwin is an affirmation of God’s spiritual sovereignty and martyrdom bears directly upon the necessity of witnessing God’s salvation (Brodwin). In The Sinner, Reb sacrifices himself rather then his beliefs. Reb rather becomes a martyr or sinner then to conform to the hierarchy in the story. Again, Asch proves that every action or thought a person has is all a part of God’s will, not human controlled will that people always want to believe. Asch uses a tension that relies on the impulse of resistance to living and the encouragement of being a martyr to the community (Brodwin). People constantly face that struggle in everyday life, but God has the final say in the matter as to who goes with him and who lives with Satan in the afterlife. Something that many people are fearful of and that fear has driven people to do crazy things.

            The fear people have about accepting what God has planned for them has become their human flaws. A flaw in every person it what makes them unique in God’s eyes. A person, such as Reb, could have many problems with their view of the world. For instance, the way that Reb was a miss behaving child and was later on shown that God will forgive him if need be. Asch’s writing that he did later in his life was more intertwined with realistic and sentimental meaning (Asch). Asch writes using new criticism published at this time of his life and displays not only a vague and hard to understand meaning, but also an insight into his culture and his views on the world. This also contributed to the main human flaw.

            The main human flaw was selfishness and attention seeking. In the story, Rebbe has the basic human flaw selfishness which leads to attention seeking. Rebbe wants to be placed on a pedestal when he dies and sees fit that he should be the one to judge as to who really goes up to heaven. Rebbe actually asks for a statue to be made for him so he can judge people on their final days. Reb will not hear of it and out of his human flaw of undying love for God tells Rebbe that he will not do such a thing. Reb’s flaw becomes his ultimate demised because of how his followers were willing to listen to someone beside Reb himself. Reb is so considered a sinner for trying to impersonate the leader of all of them and that is God himself. This leads to Reb being considered a sinner by his community, and to be turned back on in society.

When people turn their backs on each other they all become sinners in the eyes of so many others. People cannot sit back and just follow others because they are afraid to express their flaws that make them all unique to God. If God wanted us all to be the same he would have not given us different features like blonde hair and green eyes, what sexual orientation we prefer, or the religion that we ourselves celebrate. In the world of God there is only one statement that holds true no matter what you are doing. That statement is that we are all considered God’s perfect flaw in each our own way. Thus, people should all be considerate of one another and help each other no matter what a person does in life or how that person treats there bodies.

It's the beginning of the end, according to Harold Camping. How will you spend what could be your last day on Earth?

Just like a normal day. I don't really see the point. He guessed wrong once back in the 1980s so why should I be fearful now. Camping is just trying to get publicity for himself so there.
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